NVC Trainers

NVC Trainers offering online English courses

Sabina Arevalo Hernandez & Boris Lippe

We are an enthusiastic and passionate couple, both fascinated by learning and growing. We like to inspire and teach the skills of mediation and communication, so you can increase the connection and harmony with the people in your life.


Mironel de Wilde

He is a certified NVC trainer from Canada. He has studied and taught yoga and meditation for many years, and when he found NVC it became the missing link between mindfulness and daily life. His focus is to share NVC as a process to empower living from our authenticity. He’s now based in Berlin where he also makes films.


Wendel Zwaal

After many years of feeling lost, disconnected and depressed, today Wendel experiences NVC as the compass she’s always longed for. Clueless of her own feelings and needs, and to avoid conflict she used to focus on other people’s needs. Today NVC supports her to navigate life with compassion and empathy, to connect with herself and others, to be with what is. She offers trainings, private sessions and mediations. Wendel a mother of two small human beings. They are her inspiration to contribute to building a compassionate world, beyond right and wrong.

Wendel is based in Amsterdam and provides training via video call



AccentWorks' founder, Shawna, has been providing Nonviolent Communication services since 2012. When she first experienced the acceptance and empathy of NVC, she knew she wanted to share it with others. She sees applicability of NVC principles in nearly every area of life, from business management to emotional wellness, with a passion for supporting people in transforming how they relate to themselves. There are two trainers in the practice who offer training sessions, mediation, empathic coaching, and “empathy only” calls. Sliding scale fee options are available.

Accentworks is based in the U.S. and provides services via video call


Dan Rona

Dan Rona has been living Nonviolent Communication since 2005. At that time, he learned NVC from the founder, Marshall Rosenberg. Since then, Dan has been facilitating workshops, mediating conflicts, and offering empathic coaching. Currently he is writing a book on how to integrate NVC into our lives.

Dan is based in California and provides training via video call


Trainers offering online German courses

Andrea Steidl

Andrea Steidl

I'm Andrea, mother, educator, international trainer for LIVING COMPASSION - Nonviolent Communication & Mindfulness from Graz, Austria. I accompany people in a possible paradigm shift with a focus on awareness and communication. LIVING COMPASSION is a guide to living out of the clarity of your heart & in compassion. For a world in peace and connectedness.

Andrea is based in Austria and provides training via video call


Sandra Schöll

My NVC practice focuses very much on exploring how to embody what we can easily understand with our minds and how to connect with others across the many differences between us. I first studied German and French literature. Not finding my place in this, I dived into the contemporary dance scene and spent 10 years improvising on stage, dancing in pieces and creating performances myself. During this time, I found out that I’m not fully in my power and wish to be much closer to people!! I had two (lovely;-)) kids and ‚bumped‘ into NVC in 2013 - which had, as for many, a life changing impact on me!

Sandra is based in Basel and provides training via video call


Nayoma de Haen

"I am thrilled by everything that contributes to making this world a place worth living for the next seven generations. I am convinced that a mindful, compassionate attitude towards oneself, our fellow humans and nature is of paramount importance for this. I experience Mindful Communication - based on Buddhistic inspired mindfulness practice and Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg - as an ingenious approach to both coping with the personal complexities of our daily interactions and deepening our most fundamental interconnectedness, or, as the Buddhist might say, a well proven way to personal and collective happiness." Nayoma facilitates in-house NVC trainings in companies and organizations and individual coaching for personal development, both in person and online.