6 Guiding Principles of NVC

Requires a basic knowledge of NVC (e.g. having read the book or gone to a beginner's workshop). Free* In this workshop I'd like to share some "big picture" principles I've found important while trying to really get my head around NVC as a deep practice. Some I've come up with myself, some I've harvested from other people; none seem to be a big feature of what Marshall Rosenberg teaches (even if I think they're implicit in his teachings). To get you interested, here are the principles, which I'll describe more on the day: 1. Instinct is King 2. Look for softness 3. Have faith in the beauty and importance of people and psychological parts 4. Welcome people and parts and help them feel safe 5. Find where responsibility lies 6. Consent *Right now my main interest is getting the ball rolling with my NVC work – so money is not my biggest concern and I'd be happy to welcome you without you paying anything. If you do want to express your gratitude, or support me in making more workshops in future with, for example, a contribution of 15€, I would also be joyful to accept that!   ⏰ When Sunday, January 22, 15.00- 18.00. 🗺 Where Hybrid on/offline, on Zoom and in Berlin-Neukölln. 💶 How much full details here: To get the Zoom link or real world address, please RSVP to sophiarachelhass@gmail.com. FB link: https://fb.me/e/2YHWLnEos